The end of this video will COMPLETELY shock you

This story begins with an injured IDF soldier, shot by Arab terrorists and left for dead.

A passing Israeli driver saw the soldier lying on the ground, and quickly got medical assistance.

At the hospital, doctors worked feverishly and saved the young man’s life!

The soldier’s mother, ever grateful, created posters describing the amazing rescue, hoping to find her son’s rescuer.

Some time passed, and the driver’s mother was going to a store when she saw a poster describing her son’s actions.

She asked the woman in the store who placed the poster, and the woman explained that she did.

The driver’s mother then stated that she was the mother, and it was her son who saved the woman’s son.

But the story doesn’t end there.

Years ago, the driver’s mother was pregnant and struggling, and considering an abortion.

She broke down and cried, and a fellow Israeli heard what happened and helped her make a financial plan and provided the ear to simply hear out her concerns.

The woman decided not to have an abortion. But when you find out who was the struggling mother and who gave her advice, it will shock you…

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