The fascinating history behind the Hanukkah Menorah’s legal battle in the United States

There are some sights that are so commonplace that people don’t even notice the potential debate in the background.

For example, a menorah in the public streets. Is this a nice gesture? An constitutional right? An impingement on others’ rights?

The polemic eventually made its way to the US courts, where some courts decided against it, while other courts decided in favor of it.

In 1989, the US Supreme Court ruled in favor of the Menorah. Today, the Menorah can be found in many public places, and has even been seen at the White House.

Whatever one thinks about a public Menorah, hopefully the light of the Menorah will shine upon all of us towards a united future of Torah and mitzvot.

Hopefully people on either side of the debate can put aside their difference and come together to help the light shine through the darkness while respecting everyone’s constitutional rights.

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