The hidden vessels of King Solomon’s Temple finally revealed?

This is a video that makes you think, “Is he for real?” Yes Harry Moskoff, Managing Director at Moskoff-Media Legal Counsel, creator and director of the award-winning feature film “The ARK Report” as well as author of a 400-page book by the same name, and numerous op-ed articles is very real and seems to be a rational, well-thought out person.
Moskoff believes that Israel must produce something that is genuine and convincing to keep its hold on its holy sites. The PA, France, and New Zealand, with the support of Barrack Obama, are working on a UN resolution to force Israel to withdraw to the 1948 borders by the end of 2016. A move like that would not only leave Israel with undefensable borders, it would leave Israel with literally no ancient holy sites. No Temple Mount, no Cave of the Patriarchs, no Rachel’s Tomb, not even the Western Wall.
As Alan Baker mentions in the video, archeology presents the truth and all of the findings have backed up what is related in the bible.
Harry Moskoff believes that we have a window of opportunity today that we shouldn’t miss. He could be right.

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