The most factual video on Middle East history of all time

The real history of Judea and Samaria will shock many people.

For five hundred years, the Ottoman Empire (ie, the Turks), ruled the region.

When they lost the region at the end of World War I, the Allies took it over and divided the land.

In 1947, the UN partitioned the land to an Arab state and a Jewish State.

The Arabs rejected the plan and launched an all-out war against Israel, which Israel won.

However, Jordan took control of the West Bank.

Then in 1967 in a defensive war, Israel defended itself against Arab nations and took control of the West Bank.

Note that Israel did not occupy it, as it was not Jordan’s land, nor was it a Palestinian state.

So Israel is not an occupying power, but a victorious nation.

Israel won the land in war, and to the victor belongs the victory.

At most, the land is disputed, but in no way is it occupied.

Whoever thinks so, needs a crash course history lesson, and thankfully there is a great one right here!

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