The Most Revealing Video About The Middle East You Will Ever See

The norms around the Middle East are actually quite horrifying in certain areas – outside of Israel.

Human rights are trampled upon on such a massive scale that often it is simply unfathomable to the modern man.

In Syria, literally hundreds of thousands of it’s own residents have been killed in one of the bloodiest civil wars in modern times.

For anyone who would like to see how deeply racist mindsets are the norm in so many countries of the Middle East, this video displays some of the scariest norms.

From highway signs to lashes, to punishments for homosexuality, to stonings, these are not rare occurrences.

When trying to figure out how to deal with anti-Christian and other actions against minorities in the Middle East, we need to at least have a clue of who we are dealing with.

The mindset is completely different.

Apartheid is alive and well in the Middle East – outside of the State of Israel.

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