The Palestinian Authority is actually trying to steal Christmas to protest Trump

Almost everyone has heard of the fairy tale about the Grinch stealing Christmas. They’ve read the book or seen the popular movie. At the end of the day, we always assumed it was pure entertainment, pure fiction. But this just turned into a real life nightmare as the palestinian leadership. They decided to cancel Christmas. From cancelling turning off Christmas lights to cancelling celebrations, these islamists are trying yet another way to attack Christians. And so when contemplating a future state, the words “tolerance”, “freedom”, and “happy” DO NOT seem to be part of their values. Instead, the palestinian leadership incites to kill Jews, promotes Holocaust-type antisemitism, kills people they don’t like, tries to out historical Jewish sites, and cancels Christmas. They are certainly not deserving of anything, let alone our pity or Jewish biblical homeland. What are the palestinians going to get rid of next? New Years?

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