The shocking story of the Israelis who are dropping everything to save lives

“And nations shall walk by your light, and kings by your rising illumination.” (Isaiah 60:3) The term “a light to the nations” is very deepseated in biblical prophecy, and, also, very genuine in Jewish tradition. The Jews have always walked a highly moral and ethical path, for, that is what God expected.
It is no wonder, then, that IsraAID, founded by Israeli Shachar Zahavi in 2001, has been so effective in providing disaster/crisis relief and continuing to offer reconstruction and rehabilitation to those who underwent crisis.
Syrian refugees are not the only ones to benefit from the IsraAID NGO. IsraAID to date has responded to crises in 31 countries including Haiti, Kenya, the Philippines, South Korea, the USA, Nepal, Japan, Jordan, South Sudan, Sierra Leone, Uganda and many more. Staff members include doctors, nurses, emergency support people, social workers therapists and many more. This organization is non aligned politically and is provides for anyone regardless of country of origin, race, religion or color.

Many of IsraAid’s beneficiaries are incredulous. They can’t believe that there are people who have come especially to help them. This is the magic and the beauty of the Jewish People. The People that was not privileged to this kind of caring and aid when faced with the most horrific catastrophe a nation can know during WW II, now comes to the world with outstretched arms to offer basic human support and care.

As Mirit Hadari, a Jewish volunteer at Lesbos writes on her blog, “A person at the refugee camp asked me ‘What Israelis are doing here?’ And I told him ‘We are here to rescue the enemy’. He could not stop laughing and he said to me “Mazal Tov” (congratulations in Hebrew). That was my small win, just to touch someone’s heart, to move past the propaganda, person to person.”

If only the entire Middle East could do the same.

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