The sound of healing in Israeli Hospitals has never been more beautiful

What a creative video! Hadassah’s hospital are doing amazing work. And they have a very experienced

medical team. But they are also very talented – watch the video and you’ll find out why. Hadassah

hospitals treat people with a high level of care. It has over 800 physicians, 1,900 nurses, one

thousand beds thirty-one operating rooms. Hadassah medical centers treat nearly one million people

every year. Hadassah focuses on health care in Jerusalem, with strong links to the land and people

of Israel. Hadassah also has a children’s hospital. It has top pediatrics, including surgeons,

orthopedics, urology, children’s heart surgery, opthalmology, and ENT. The Hadassah Children’s

Hospital also a Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU), which treats children suffering from high-risk

injuries. The PICU has an anesthesiology team whose anesthesiologists specialize in treating children.

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