The top 12 BDS fails of 2017!

Here are twelve signs that prove BDS is failing.

1 – Guns N’ Roses perform in Tel Aviv.

2. Radiohead performs in Tel Aviv and wows the crowd, everyone had a great time!

3. Conan O’Brien game to Israel and did a special show!

4. Roger Waters performance in Germany was banned for saying antisemitic things.

5. Amazon plans on opening a shipping center in Israel.

6. Israel is developing relationships with Arab nations.

7. Gal Gadot, the Israeli actor who played “Wonder Woman”, is named by GQ as wonder woman of the year.

8. Frankfurt, Germany, actually just banned BDS! Wow!!

9. Anti-BDS legislation was passed in 24 states.

This video proves it – BDS does not want peace. And if they

so, be careful of being deceived, because their leaders have stated what their real goal is –

watch the video and see for yourself!

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