This Auschwitz hero’s story will amaze you

What kind of a person would volunteer to go to hell?

Witold Pilecki did just that.

This story is beyond amazing.

What drove this amazing person to risk his life and volunteer to be captured and sent to Auschwitz?

This man sets up a resistance movement inside of the concentration camp.

What he did is unbelievable.

He fights the Nazis and ultimately escapes out of Auschwitz to go and fight against the Nazis more effectively from outside than from inside.

This man did not succumb to the Nazis, but fought and survived World War II.

The most powerful question that arises from this short story is – Why? What drove this man to be so brave?

It seems that some people understand the eternal truth that “there are some things that are more important than life and some things worse than death.”

Menachem Begin, Israel’s Prime Minister, who helped chase the British Army out of pre-State Israel wrote these words in his introduction to his epic book, “The Revolt.”

Witold Pilecki understood this well.

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