THIS is how you kill EVERY terrorist (and ONLY terrorists) in one second.

Absolutely incredible! An Israeli technology that leaves close to zero room for error and protects innocent civilians.

Israel’s genuine concern for non-militant civilians exceeds that of any country in the world.

Who would spend millions in order to ensure the safety of civilians in enemy territory?

This is certainly something only Israel would design.

SPICE stands for “Smart, Precise Impact, Cost Effective” and defines a series of bomb kits and actual bombs which are guided by GPS as well as Electrico Optical (EO) technologies.

The bombs can be dispatched in any weather and any lighting situation with an error of probability accuracy of less than 10ft (3m).

This must be one of the smartest bombs ever created.

Of course the words “cost effective” embodied in the name “spice” is relative.

This kind of bomb, well guided by the additional EO system is essentially far more costly than only GPS bomb systems.

Yet, knowing that there is a small chance that the GPS system will jam, Israel put in more money and time and added the EO system.

This is definitely something to write home about.

A country willing to go the extra mile (and the extra millions) to create an explosive which will be so accurate that there are almost no chances of hurting civilians is a country with an extremely high moral standard.

That country is Israel.

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