This is what real border control looks like

Arab terrorists have invented yet another way to kill more Jews: In addition to stabbing, bombing, shooting, and other attacks, they have discovered that they can tunnel into Jewish property, literally digging their way under their unsuspecting innocent victims until they emerge to kill. However, this time, Israel was prepared. As the terrorists emerged from their tunnel right inside Israeli property about to kill innocent people, the Israeli Defense Forces stopped them. Had the terrorists not been stopped and been able to continue their mission, they would have slaughtered tons of civilians. This event is evidence of yet another reason why we need to have a good border to keep out terrorists. When was the last time any of them sincerely wanted peace? They don’t want peace, they just want to destroy Israel. SO for whoever thinks that Israel should stop its security checkpoints and allow palestinian arabs to freely enter enter Israel, tell them to think again. Becase to freely enter Israel would be to allow them to kill Jews.

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