Thousands call for death to Jews on the streets of London, New York City

Anti-Israel protests recently took place in London and New York while Jews celebrated the Sabbath.

Instead of merely voicing their opinion about Israeli policy, these protesters yelled that the “army of Mohammed is returning” and to remember “Khaybar.”

Khaybar refers to a battle where Muslims killed nearly a hundred Jews.

Its sort of like Muslims extremists calling out to Americans, “Remember 9/11 – the army of Mohamed is returning!” Of course, people are very worried and take the death threats quite seriously.

Who wouldn’t, after seeing all the death and destruction that the army of Mohammed has brought?

We must distinguish between appropriate protest and protest that calls for Jews to be killed.

The people who call for murder must be held accountable. The organizations that sponsor such calls must be held accountable.

Who would have expected that in America – radical muslims would be free to declare that the army of Mohammed is returning!

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