Trump’s powerful Hanukkah message

Jews believe this. President Trump knows it.

Now the whole world knows it – that over two thousand years ago, an evil tyrant strove to destroy Judaism.

Yet the Jewish faith remained strong, and a a group of Jews from the Hasmonean family – who were called the Maccabees – rose up and defended themselves against the ancient Greeks.

And against all odds, they won battles and even regained access to the Temple!

Upon entering, they discovered that the Greeks had defiled the Temple.

The Greeks ruined the pure oils. Because the Greeks believed in aesthetics and physical and natural beauty, so they could’t accept things that they couldn’t see, such as holiness or spirituality.

So they destroyed the pure oils.

Nonetheless, after much searching, a jar of pure oil was found.

The seven-branched was lit, and a miracle happened – instead of the oil lasting for one day, it lasted for eight days!

The real miracle is that the spirit of Judaism – the Torah – survived and the Jewish people, with Jewish spirituality, survived.

And we have survived 2,000 years since then, and we will continue to survive!

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