Undercover IDF soldiers stun rioting Arabs (watch closely)

Islamic extremists regularly instigate violent riots in the hopes of injuring innocent Israelis.

These rioters often mask their faces, making identification difficult.

They also often throw rocks, Molotov cocktails, and set explosive gas tanks ablaze to bring additional injury and death.

The IDF has unleashed a new strategy to deal with these violent radical Islamic rioters that harm Israeli society.

The IDF has a secret unit of soldiers who go undercover into dangerous Arab areas.

These undercover soldiers speak Arabic and are able to avoid detection.

When the Arab rioters start to get violent, the IDF undercover soldiers go into action.

They identify and arrest key rioters, and prevent the situation from deteriorating.

IDF soldiers rush in to provide support for their undercover colleagues.

This technique is effective in stopping radical Islamic rioters before they are able to cause harm to innocent civilians.

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