WATCH: Nikki Haley Just Made History with this Speech at the UN General Assembly Defending Jerusalem, the USA and Humanity

Before 128 countries disrespected the USA at the United Nations, US Ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley, gave this amazing speech.

Time for President Donald J. Trump and Nikki Haley to begin defunding the United Nations, which prefers to be ruled by the bully Muslim countries and continue to be an anti-Israel cesspool, while ignoring true atrocities around the world. The United States, a democracy, decided to move one of its embassies, in a decision supported by the American public. Yet for some reason, the United Nations decided to single out the democratic voice of one country while ignoring the wanton murder and lack of freedoms in much of the Arab world. The United Nations convened to single out the United States, for moving their embassy to Jerusalem, a move that does not end any debate about borders. This act to single out the USA was wrong and stupid. The UN could have used their time and energy more wisely for a just purpose, instead of seeking another way to bash Israel. Which raises the question, Is the UN an effective world body? Is it doing a good job? Is is making the world a better place?

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