What happens when a Christian wears a Cross in Israel?

WE all know how dangerous it is to be a Jew or Christian in a Muslim-majority country. One could be subject to different laws, taxes, and persecution. But how about the reverse? How are minorities treated in Israel? This man wanted to find out. He donned a cross and began to document walking in Israel. And quite obviously, nothing happens to him. Because Israelis are not murderous and respect minorities. SO perhaps the norm in this video is what is shocking. In other countries, similar acts of walking down a street as a visible minority could get one harassed or killed. In Israel, nothing happens. People of all faiths, or even of no faith, are free to live in Israel and guaranteed the same rights as everyone else. That’s because Israel is a free and fair democracy, with equal rights for all. It is truly a beacon of light and human rights in the Middle East, a place for everyone to feel welcome despite what happens in other arab countries.

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