When a Bar Mitzvah boy invited Jimmy Kimmel, he got more than he could handle…

When a Jewish boy reaches the age of 13, he becomes obligated in Jewish commandments and is known

as a “bar mitzvah”. For example, the passover seder and Shabbat. (Age thirteen for boys or twelve

for girls). In recent times, bar mitzvahs have developed more of a extravagant celebratory atmosphere,

and some even have themes. This boy, Will, decided to base his bar mitzvah theme on Jimmy Kimmel,

and even made an awesome video. Jimmy took him up on his challenge, and response was hilarious! He

sent a larger-than-life ice sculpture. But then Jon Stewart entered – and he had a lot to say. Jon

seemed a bit offended that he, being a Jewish talk show host, was not chosen by Will for the bar mitzvah

theme. They do share a common heritage, after all. Jimmy Kimmel then inquired as to Will’s grandparents

gift. Will’s response demonstrated that wonderful type of young man that he is – he is donating it to

the children’s hospital of L.A.

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