When an Earthquake struck Israel’s greatest enemy, she couldn’t stand by and do nothing

Is this an example of a Jew with a bleeding heart?

Exactly the opposite.

This is a perfect example of Jewish values stretching way beyond the borders of the Jewish State.

This is not about good PR – even though it is great PR. This is not about anything but simple Jewish values that we can all be proud of.

Thank you Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for this excellent effort and short speech that sums up Jewish values at their ultimate level – compassion, caring, and kind.

The ideas expressed in this video hearken back to the Talmud which is seen in the background of Prime Minister Netanyahu’s office.

The Talmud explains that if one is unsure if a person is Jewish or not, the best way to “know” for sure if the person is Jewish or not is whether or not they possess the character traits of compassion, bashfulness, and kindness.

Two out of the three attributes are exact replicas. If bashfulness and caring can be considered similar enough to each other, then we have a solid match.

Israel on the cutting edge.

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