When Pro-Hamas protesters try to explain why they hate Israel, things get interesting….

It’s hard to believe, but these aren’t actors. These are real people, saying the most outlandish and false

things to explain why they support a terror group. Here’s the truth about Hamas: It has launched

thousands of missiles into Israel. It has sent countless suicide bombers to blow up civilians.

Hamas took over Gaza and has been ruling the area, misusing funds meant for Gazans, and using Gaza

school to hide explosives. Hamas has indoctrinated arab childremn to be killers and forced them to dig

terror tunnels. In fact, Amnesty Intl has launched an investigation and concluded that Hamas carried

out extrajudicial killings, abductions and arrests of Palestinians and used a Gaza hospital to detain,

interrogate and torture arabs. The long list of human rights violations against both Jews and arabs is

sickening. So these Americans are extremely ignorant of the real face of Hamas and its methodology of

murdering Jews and killing arabs.

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