Where the name “Palestine” really came from…

Have you ever wondered why the land of Israel is sometimes called “Palestine”? Here are the historical

facts that explores the root of the word “Palestine.”

After crushing the Bar Kochba rebellion in 135 CE, the Roman occupiers in Israel decided to destroy all Jewish hope for freedom.

They had a devious strategy to try to disconnect Jews from Jerusalem and Israel.

They renamed Jerusalem as “Aelia Capitolina,” and also gave the land of Judea a new name: Syria-Palestina.

By so doing, they tried to remove the connection with Israel.

Yet Jews held firmly to their faith and didn’t let the fictional name fool them.

That was the methodology then – and that is the methodology today: anti-Semites are attacking our very identity.

SO what is Palestine? An attempt to rename Israel so Jews forget their connection.

And who were the Palestinians of two millennia ago? They were the Jews.

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