Why Trudeau’s siding with the Iranian regime

Canada has a long reputation as a mostly neutral and peaceful country. Under the previous leadership of

Stephen Harper, the economy was solid, and there were clear policies against terrorism. Yet things

changed when Justin Trudeau was elected leader. Perhaps just as concerning are Justin’s brother’s

views on the Iran terrorist regime. Justin’s brother, Alexandre, is a filmmaker and one of the films he

produced was done in association with Iran’s Press-TV. In a different case in 2016, Alexandre wrote to a

Canadian federal cabinet minister on behalf of a terror suspect (Mohamed Harkat) to allow the suspected

terrorist to remain in Canada. Earlier in 2014, the Supreme Court of Canada found Harkat to be an

active member of the Al Qaeda network. Why would Alexandre side with a terrorist? Is it ethical for

the brother of a current prime minister to petition the government? What are Trudeau’s real allegiances?

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