Yonina is back with a heart warming Hanukkah mashup

Lyrics Translation:

Whatever may be,
I will make a change
I will make my dream come true
Those who bring bad news, violence or another decree-
Will not change my essence

You, me and the g-d who is beside us
We shall prevail
Not because of strength but only because of the wind/spirit blowing in our backs

Just because of the spirit
“Al Hanissim…”- we thank you for the miracles, the redemption, the bravery and the wars you fought for our fathers, then and now. (From: Chanukkah prayer, Al Hanissim)

Our faith has not been lost, the faith 2,000 years old, to be a free nation in our land…(From: “Hatikva”)

Just because of the spirit- within me, in my mind, in my soul
Just because of the spirit- within me, in my blood, in my soul.

The song describes prevailing through hardships because of our spirit, not our physical strength- which has been the story of the Jewish nation for thousands of years, till today.

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